Our philosophy has always been that if we have happy clients, we will be successful. Our firm is built upon lasting client relationships. Those relationships often start over a cup of coffee and progress through a series of conversations, through which we gain an intimate understanding of the client’s business and create a customized work plan for achieving our shared goals.

Pease & Associates, CPAs has established a client-service team methodology that ensures easy access to our firm and a short response time. We believe this is the most efficient and accountable approach to service delivery.  Our team is structured to provide you cost-effective communication and responsiveness and to develop a working relationship with your personnel.


It is our experience that clients look for four essential elements in their relationship with an accounting firm:

  • Personal attention
  • Professional, pertinent knowledge
  • Effective solutions to specific needs
  • Reasonable fees

Pease & Associates, CPAs recognizes these are crucial to building lasting and successful relationships with happy clients.


We pride ourselves on bringing a unique mix of talent and commitment to our clients. These include:

  • A true professional interest in serving our clients.  We want happy clients. Period. As part of a dedicated client-service team, our partners and professional staff members are always available to address questions or concerns. Each client-service team is structured to provide the most effective and efficient skill sets so that we can demonstrate maximum value to our clients. Our experts include three members with Master of Taxation degrees and two with law degrees.
  • A focus on our core area of practice.  We focus on what we’re good at. Unlike most firms in our industry, we do not manage money, sell insurance or provide any services outside the scope of a CPA firm model. In this way, we are able to provide unsurpassed service to our clients.
  • Regular client communication. Responsive, timely communication with a client’s management team is a key feature of the Pease & Associates approach to service. We are in contact with our clients during all stages of engagement and throughout the year. There is no “off season” when it comes to client communication. Our door is always open to answer questions or simply touch base and we commit an amount of free time (non-billable) to simply maintaining and enhancing our client relationships.
  • Efficient pricing. We are committed to reasonable fees for recurring services as well as a clear and concise approach to billing. Our “No Surprises” billing establishes an annual budget for re-occurring services and a monthly tracking of billing against that budget.