Pease & Associates, CPAs has been a CPAmerica member since the firm’s founding. An association of more than 2,500 tax and accounting professionals from 74 firms across the country, CPAmerica gives Pease & Associates, CPAs access to a network of talented experts to augment our skills and knowledge base.

The reach is even greater than just a domestic footprint. Thanks to CPAmerica’s alliance with Horwath International, we have a partnership with more than 26,000 experts in 100 countries around the world. We characterize our affiliation with CPAmerica as being the best of both worlds—the personal service of a regional firm with the knowledge and resources of a global network without the overhead and costs of international locations.

This is especially important for our clients who have multiple offices around the country or whose businesses take them around the globe. By accessing shared resources with our fellow CPAmerica members, Pease & Associates’ client service ability and knowledge base are enhanced exponentially.

Whether you have tax questions about an international account or need immediate help from a tax or financial professional in Cleveland, New York, London, Tokyo or anywhere around the world, Pease & Associates, CPAs and its network of experts are ready to assist.