Non Profit

Pease & Associates has become a respected and recognized name within the not-for-profit industry by providing exceptional services and significant community involvement.

We currently serve dozens of not-for-profit organizations including: foundations, arts and cultural organizations, health and human services organizations, religious organizations, educational institutions, organizations for people with developmental disabilities, and a variety of other human service agencies. Our team members’ solid understanding of the not-for-profit industry is a direct result of their active participation in a variety of organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. What’s more, our experts are trained to meet educational standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Our services to not-for-profit businesses include:

  • Financial statement audits, reviews, and compilations
  • Compliance audits including OMB Circular A-133, Yellow Book Audits, and HUD audits
  • Tax filings including all forms of IRS 990’s
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Obtaining 501c3 tax exemption status
  • Tax compliance and various tax exemption forms
  • Developing accounting solutions
  • Maintaining compliance with government requirements

As dedicated participants in our not-for-profit clients’ business and financial goals, we help them reduce investment excise taxes, minimize unrelated business income and make the most of tax-saving opportunities. Our consultant services focus on successful endowment management, fundraising regulations, grant applications, in-house financial training and much more.

Our work doesn’t stop once the tax filings are completed. Pease & Associates stands with our not-for-profit clients every step of the way, helping them to form and build successful organizations. We know that honesty, integrity and sound business practices are at the forefront of every successful not-for-profit, and we help our clients achieve and maintain these essentials.

Your team, core values and approach to client service are impressive.  Jennifer and Rob did a terrific job for us, which reinforced our decision to choose your firm.  Thank you!

3rd generation Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Company

“Pease & Associates is the rare tax planning and audit firm that balances developing creative solutions (right-brained) with thorough analysis and thoughtful execution (left-brained) and they wrap it up with fast response.”

Dan T. Moore President, Dan T. Moore Co.