The Healthcare Group at Pease & Associates was started in 1998.  Since that date we have grown to servicing approximately 500 facilities in approximately 35 states.  Our growth has come solely from referrals.  Every client was earned by doing an outstanding job on other clients.  We earned our way here.

The most common complaints about accounting firms is that they deliver their work late and charge whatever they want for it. We on the other hand commit to a delivery date and take a financial penalty for not delivering. We also commit to a fixed fee which everyone agrees to in advance. We are after all a service provider and providing those services on time and at the agreed to price is a basic part of that.

The Healthcare world is best described as a Rubik’s Cube. Every change affects every other side. In order to get it right, every move must be considered in light of its impact on everything else. Regulatory and reimbursement considerations, bank financing requirements, federal taxes, multi-state taxes, real property taxes, and succession planning goals all need to be properly addressed to help both ownership and employees achieve their overall life and business goals.

Initially, what took us into the skilled care world was top notch, proactive tax planning. With that as our basis, we assembled a strong group of professionals who have added an expertise in many of the facets of the skilled care world. Our menu of services now includes the following:

  1. Structuring new transactions – assisting with the operating agreements to make sure the venture operates as intended and proactively advising on ownership structures to minimize tax costs and other headaches in the future. The best fix to a problem is avoiding the problem.
  2. Structuring acquisitions – purchase price allocations will create or avoid many issues and really involve the full Rubik’s Cube. This will have either a positive or negative impact on your reimbursement revenue, your real estate taxes, and your income tax bill and justifies significant attention.
  3. Tax planning compliance reporting – our firm culture is that we need to continuously justify our existence by bringing solid tax ideas to our relationships in a proactive manner. We specialize in accounting methods and other aspects of geriatric care services as well as strategies to minimize state income taxes. By minimizing both Federal and State taxes, ownership has more funds available to acquire more facilities or to pay down their borrowings. This is particularly importing when owners live or operate in high tax states like New York, California, or New Jersey. You work hard for your money, you really shouldn’t give it away for free.
  4. Financial statement audits – many times audits are required by lenders or by state Regulations. Getting the audit done on time and at the agreed price is critical. Furthermore, advising businesses on how they can strengthen their accounting systems to maximize the quality of the information which they are using for management decision making.
  5. HUD Audits – financing your real estate with HUD will require annual HUD audits and compliance reporting.
  6. Cost reports – we prepare and submit cost reports in select states.
  7. Special procedures for banks – often banks will want special procedures done before extending additional credit. By having good relationships with banks, we can do the special procedures quickly and efficiently.

We have enjoyed our 20-year run in the business and the results say everything that needs to be said. We get up every day and stress over the fact that something might be wrong somewhere and set about every day making sure that never happens. At the end, this is not about “clients”, this is about our relationships with individual people and that makes it very personal.

Your team, core values and approach to client service are impressive.  Jennifer and Rob did a terrific job for us, which reinforced our decision to choose your firm.  Thank you!

3rd generation Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Company

“Pease & Associates is the rare tax planning and audit firm that balances developing creative solutions (right-brained) with thorough analysis and thoughtful execution (left-brained) and they wrap it up with fast response.”

Dan T. Moore President, Dan T. Moore Co.