The many businesses that fall under the distribution category and their tax and accounting needs are never exactly the same. We closely follow each discipline and are prepared to handle a variety of situations. By having a thorough understanding of the distribution industry, we help our clients address concerns such as operational and regulatory challenges, labor and employment matters and antitrust and competitive pricing laws.

Whether it’s a privately held manufacturer, shipping company, warehouse or retailer, our distribution team can effectively create a plan that encompasses all of the requirements of this diverse industry:

  • Financial statement accounting and auditing services
  • Tax consulting
  • Operational improvement services
  • Strategic planning
  • Due diligence acquisition assistance
  • Management succession

All of these issues become far easier to process when guided by members of the Pease & Associates team. We effectively research industry requirements and responsibilities, then provide our manufacturing and distribution clients with up-to-the-minute support and advice.

Evidence of our expertise in this area can be found in the book Mergers & Acquisitions for Distributors; Expert Advice for Buyers & Sellers, to which the firm’s President Joe Pease contributed his vast experience in this area.

Your team, core values and approach to client service are impressive.  Jennifer and Rob did a terrific job for us, which reinforced our decision to choose your firm.  Thank you!

3rd generation Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Company

“Pease & Associates is the rare tax planning and audit firm that balances developing creative solutions (right-brained) with thorough analysis and thoughtful execution (left-brained) and they wrap it up with fast response.”

Dan T. Moore President, Dan T. Moore Co.